Introduction Swatch

The Swatch marketing mix is based on a product of low cost and high quality, bearer of a message, with a packaging formed from one simple box in a transparent plastic, distributed directly through own stores, and customary channels, in short; Bold new styling, design and marketing.

The official launching in Switzerland in March 1983 was not thrilling; it was understood, then, that it was a clock sold at low cost, but not necessarily a reliable product, it was clearly a clock that had something completely various from how much was already present in that field.

It really took off when they placed the biggest watch in the world, 165 meters and 13 tons heavy, on the headquarters of the Commerzbank in Frankfurt, Germany. They were listed in the Guinness Book of records and the pictures travelled all over the world.

Now, there are many elements that construct the Swatch message: elevated quality, bottom cost, provocation, joy of living, but the more important element is the difficulty, mainly cause of constant innovation and constant new models 140 each year.