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High-end introduction

Sometimes the intermediate version is just what you need.

Imagine working in oil industry or fishery on an island far away and the only way to get there is by plane, yes by boat, but you need quite big powerboat to travel the necessary 75 km’s and for a plane you need a pilot licence.

The wFoil is the one that jumps in this gap, it’s a plane that cuts through the sea but registered as a boat. The hydro foil design allows it to reach greater maximum speeds, breater than 60 kts with no appearance of cavitation.

Now they are focusing on the high luxury market, and yes that’s where you get a lot’s of attention, free publicity and probable some initial sales to make the business work.

But I am sure; the real market eventually is situated on a functional level. The guys that work on this island can travel with their own boat and be with their wifes every evening, at least if you want to ;-)

Check out the wFoil here