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After sales

When you figured out the best way to sell you products and everything is up and running, people buy in your concept and things are taking off, just don’t forget keep treating your clients as kings.

An example of musician Dave Caroll and his flight with United Airlines show this.
While traveling to a gig, Dave and his band had taken the flight with United Airlines.
They are about to deplane when a woman sitting behind him, cried out: “My god they’re throwing guitars out there.” Our bass player Mike looked out the window in time to see his $3500 bass being heaved without regard by the United baggage handlers.

Dave immediately tried to communicate this to the flight attendant who cut him off saying: “Don’t talk to me. Talk to the lead agent outside. She said to take it up with the ground crew in Omaha. When he got to Omaha it was around 12:30 am. The plane was late arriving and there were no employees visible. It was later that day at sound check that he discovered that the base had been smashed.

Dave spent the next nine months negotiating with United for some kind of compensation, but United denied his request. Among a long list of justifications, United argued that it couldn’t help him because he had missed the twenty four hour window for claiming damages described in the small print of his ticket.

Furious with the way he’d been treated, Dave channelled his emotions and as a good musician does; he wrote a song about it and called it: ‘United Breaks Guitars’.

Within twenty four hours the video on Youtube received 500 comments, most from other angry United customers. At the moment the video reached 13.278.950 views!!

United appear to have felt the negative effects immediately. Within four days of the video being posted its stock price fell 10 percent, the equivalent of 180 million dollar.

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