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Viral marketing

How to create a viral campaign; well, always bring a camera man!

Every marketer I know is desperately searching for the new approach to marketing in the post-mass-market economy. The trick is relativity simple, you need to do something unique (doesn’t have to be spectacular), then you make a great documentary / movie of the entire process, from the first post on facebook, to how you gathered the first crowd, to the preparation of the event, the event itself and as a cherry on the pie, the after movie and what went wrong.

So take for example the camping from KLM that grouped together with Disney last October to do a pre-screening of the new Disney film Planes.
The campaign started with the selection of the 300 children that could see the movie on the plane. KLM created an unique environment: world’s first movie experience in and around a plane using special effects by recreating the world of Planes in a live setting. This made it an unforgettable experience for the kids.

Yes, this was great, but what made this campaign really succeed, cause it only had 8000 competitors, and 300 children on the plane?

Yes, it was the great movie on youtube that went viral, it has about 3 million views!

Check it out here: KLM and Disney introduction Planes