Christmas Cards !? Nov02


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Christmas Cards !?

Many businesses, from small local businesses to multi-national enterprises send Christmas cards to their employees but also to their customers.

They do this as a way to develop general goodwill, retain brand awareness and reinforce social networks. It’s a good reason for companies to update their client list, and in general it can show that you are on top of your came; businesses who manage to get their cards out in the midst of this crazy season tend to come across as organized, timely people.

A Christmas card is great for saying hello to a client you’ve not spoken to in a while, also it’s a great way of adding a little extra thank you for the clients you are dealing with right now. We all know that receiving a hand written card will stick to your memory much more than a pre printed one.

Because it became so popular these cards are almost always discrete in design and do not attempt to sell a product. But why not be original and make something that shows what you are capable off? Then it will stick even better.

But what message should you bring along, what should you say? Why not start with the truth? Are you thankful your clients put their confidence in you? Are you hoping to work with them in the future? Do you have fond memories of their project? Are you open for new relationships and growth? Say it! Authenticity shines through.

So, here we go the Christmas Card of Createness, writers of the How To Launch New Products blog:

Createness wishes you Merry Christmas