When you have an idea for a new product it’s so hard to understand the integral role packaging has to play in marketing and selling your product. But it’s one of the most important product decisions you will have to make. It can be quite a search to discover which packaging factors will influence your product’s success.

Or is it all branding? After all, a study done by Stanford University found that pre schoolers thought foods wrapped in a McDonald’s wrapper tasted better than the identical food presented in a plain wrapper. Children in the study even preferred the taste of carrots wrapped in McDonald’s wrapping.

Maybe this is one of the answerer why 40 percent of food in the United States today goes uneaten (Natural Resources Defense Council, 2012), it’s still branding that rules and guides people buying decisions? Consultant Jack Trout has found that American families, on average, repeatedly buy the same 150 items, which constitute as much as 85% of their household needs; it’s just really hard to get something new on the radar!
First you need to decide; does your product need to be part of the actual product? Like for example with the most toothpaste, or will the packaging be more something that displays your product better. Whatever the answer might be, it’s time to start thinking about how the packaging is going to impact both shipping and merchandising.

Some brands really overdue it, they produce a package that costs more than what’s inside, and forget it’s after all just a conveyer to get the product safe at your home. The rule of thumb is that the package should be 8-10% of the total cost on average.

But don’t forget an average consumer spends just 2.6 seconds making a decision if he’s going to pick up your product or not. So yes, colours, languages, material, size yes everything needs to fit exactly with the preferences of your target group.
After all the biggest challenge is production quantity (about 75% of consumer packaged goods and retail products fail to earn $7.5 million during their first year). The dilemma is that you don’t have large orders when getting started, and it’s almost impossible to get a supplier for small quantities for a good price.
That will mean your perfect visible, good looking package that sticks out by far with competition sticks also out by far on pricing. It’s time to start searching for that production company that want to grow with you.