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One chance

Have you ever heard that a woman decides within the first 30 seconds of meeting with a guy if she’s going to sleep with him?

According to research of David DeAngelo you can better say that: ‘Women don’t decide within the first 30 seconds of meeting a guy if she’s going to sleep with him. Instead, women know within the first 30 seconds of meeting a guy if they’re *not* going to sleep with him… or if they’re going to stay open to the idea’.

Anyway, the first impression is important but, do you really have only one change to make a first impression?
When meeting new people we form opinions about them all the time. Establishing a positive first impression is important in sales because it influences buying interest especially because many people have a negative image of salespeople, you must work harder than other professionals to get off to a good start.

But some other things are maybe more important than the first impression. Cause your are making new impressions all the time, they are shaped by the overall condition, professionalism, and look of anything you present to the customer. That includes your personal image, your communication skills, your sales approach, materials and supplies, literature everything! The general image you make with your impressions are a big part of creating interest in you and your company.

But there is so much more to it then this; you need to do your homework about the person and company you meet, find out what motivated them to buy that product. You need to make an appointment, this will underscore the importance of your message and the buyer can prepare himself as well. At last before you can really be yourself, you need to do something to be remembered. For example: tape a lottery ticket to the back of your business and tell the account manager ‘It’s worth a million if you could introduce me to your decision maker!

After all there are so many similarities with dating. You are doing your homework (asking friends about her or looking at Facebook), you meet at a certain time at your favourite café, you dress well, nice smell on your skin, new haircut and everything is ready for that 30 seconds that hopefully allows you to get to the point where you can get yourself and can show your dance moves or be funny….

So yes, it’s so true, after all the first impression is just part of a complete package to succeed, to let your buyer stay open to the idea of working together!

on chance