Just sell three

Get ready for the launch!?

Often we are asked, what is the secret of launching a product, what are the key factors for success?

Well, one reason for not succeeding is simple; most companies put all their time, energy and money in building the damn product and have an entire list of improvements and upgrades that they are working on that seem to be more important for now than the marketing plan and short term sales actions.

So actually, it’s very simple: freeze your product specification for while and sell your product to three newly acquired clients.

Ok, ok, there is more to it and yes, you need to think about social media, free publicity, press events, newsletters, industry blogs, email signatures, free giveaways and how to make your product and company exclusive etc. etc. And all the other things we tell you on this blog.

But the key to success is convincing your first three (non related) clients to buy and pay for your product, and then you have time to shape your marketing and sales material before you can really start spreading the word.

Let me give you an example. Instant magazine started in 2013, selling responsive online magazines. They are doing great stuff! With Instant Magazine you can create in a few hours online magazines or newsletters that are optimized for every device in the world, with lots of other specials like full screen YouTube movies etc.

Now, three marathons successfully used the tool, and they sent out personalized newsletters with the picture of the runner and time walked to all their marathon walkers. This is unique and never done before by others, yet looks so simple.

After selling their first three magazines, Instant Magazine gain experience and updated their pricing, marketing and promotion efforts for all sport events around.
We are sure that this will be the start of a major roll out to all marathons, walking, cycling and others sport event around the world.

Check out an example of the Rotterdam Marathon magazine here

Rotterdam Marathon Instant Magazine