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Seriously !?

That you do not have to invest shiploads of money into your product launch is well understood by the Dollar Shave Club.
As spokesperson Ben Kellogs says, the video only cost about $4,500 to produce and reached nearly 5 million views in just a few months!

But how: well, they didn’t took themselves to seriously!

The business model is simple, you pay a dollar a month for razors, shipped to your door. You can imagine this business will only work very well when sudden quantities are met and lots of people are using the service.

They created a funny you tube movie, with sight gags and bear costumes. It asks to be shared and the movie went viral.

Lesson learned; Have fun with it, go over the top and venture into the world of parody and your potential customers are much more likely to pay attention and buy into your concept.

Check out One dollar shave club movie here