sharpen your axe

When starting a new business or when launching a new product, you are not only the innovator, but also the financial guy, the strategist, the marketer even the office assistant etc. etc.

Yes, you work more than 40 hours a week! To succeed you put as much hours in as you can right? But all that extra time in the workplace isn’t necessarily a good thing. After a certain point, it can be counterproductive and even hazardous to your health, so it’s imperative to know when to say no to more hours.

Working more than 50 hours a week is associated with a 60 % higher risk of cardiovascular issues, absence at work and is associated with increased alcohol and tobacco consumption, as well as unhealthy weight gain in men and depression in women. And little productive work occurs after 50 hours per week.

Denmark is one of the countries with the most happy people and one of the reasons is that people work from 8 am – 4 pm and are already leaving at 2 pm on Fridays. Prof. James Vaupel of Denmark, goes a step further and claims a 25 hours a week would be the best, but everyone works until they’re 80. His reasoning? As the website ScienceNordic put it, “When you’re 20, you would rather spend more time with your friends. When you’re 35, you want time with your kids. But then when you reach 70, you have far too much time on your hands.”

There is a whole tendency going to work as little as possible.
Not for nothing the book 4 hour workweek by Timothy Ferriss, has been translated into 35 languages and has sold more than 1,350,000 copies!!

Personally I like to work whatever hours necessary!
As Elon Musk from Tesla says; ‘Work like hell! Work at least twice as hard as others, if you put in 100 hours work week, you will achieve in four months what they others achieve in a year.’

But don’t forget to take a step back ones in a while, even during work. Reflecting is the most important!
‘Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four
sharpening the axe.’ Abraham Lincoln

So if it’s not necessary to work 100 + hours, just don’t do it and when necessary, reflect and sharpen your axe ones in a while!