Eames Plywood Chair Sep30


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Eames Plywood Chair

The Eames Molded Plywood Chair ; elegant, light and comfortable. Much copied but never bettered.

The Chair is a staple of mid-century modern furnishings. It was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1946 for Herman Miller.

Early in their careers together, Charles and Ray identified the need for affordable, yet high-quality furniture for the average consumer furniture that could serve a variety of uses. Recognizing the need, Charles Eames said, is the primary condition for design.

Charles and Ray pioneered new technologies for moulding wood that they integrated into the design of this chair. They wanted a chair that would fit the contours of the body comfortably, doing away with the need for cushions. They pioneered the technology for wood moulding during second world war II where they designed and produced stretchers and splints.

Thanks Charles and Ray, thanks a lot for inventing this technique that offers us these great affordable wooden chairs.