Introduction USA

Creating a buzz around a product is still one of the key purposes of marketing. But how do you do this without facebook?

In 1939 Heineken created a great buzz when they introduced Heineken in the USA. And it only took them a few weeks to create the buzz in the entire country.
The Heineken brand seized the opportunity to become the first non-American beer to enter the market when in April of 1933 Prohibition was repealed.

Leo Van Munching as its US sales agent came up with this great idea; they hired 1000 actors, who played the office girl from Boston, the cowboy from Texas, the surfer from San Francisco and the Lumberjack from the Adirondacks and so on. They travelled two weeks across the United States stopping at 5 bars a night asking for a Heineken. When after one week the bartender was overwhelmed with request for Heineken, the representative of Heineken stepped into its door.

This must be something fantastic, everybody is asking for it! And contracts were singed.
They made it happen to create an instant buzz and created the Want in only a few weeks of time.