Toyota est merdeux? Nov18


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Toyota est merdeux?

And then you got a great idea, a great product, all ducks in a row, everything lined-up and ready to go, but yes, what about a suitable brand name?

While a clever and appropriate name can impress your fan base, choosing an unoriginal, dull name communicates a lack of enthusiasm towards your new business venture. A great name can hit in an instant or be a result of careful tweaking over time.

Making up a word should not be a last resort; it should be the first option, think outside the box and allow yours to strive to be different.

Google was originally a misspelling of a word that already exists in the dictionary: “Googol.” A googol is defined as a very large number, specifically 10 to the 100th power. Now, both words are in the dictionary, but most consumers only ever use one.

But be careful; The Fiat Punto was withdrawn from sale in South America because ‘Punto’ means ‘small penis’ in some South American Spanish dialect. And the Vauxhall Nova had to be re-branded in Spain because “No va” means “(it) doesn’t go”. And in France the name Toyota MR 2 was shortened to MR to avoid the similarity in pronunciation of MR2 with the French words est merdeux, meaning “(it) is shitty”.